Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke Tailoring

We handcraft garments in a time-honored traditional manner with the highest quality and belief. We are trained as per the Savile Row standards and follow the original methods of bespoke tailoring which are still considered as the gold standard in our industry. Making a suit at Sartojiva requires of about 50 hours of zestful workmanship, from eye to eye and hand to hand. The fabrics are cut by hand and basted with painstaking precision to accurately enhance every single detail requested by the wearer. Firm shoulder line with a wide cut, nipped waist line, flair at back and a higher armhole are all a hallmark of our cut which we strive to achieve for every body type. The result is an elegant suit with clean silhouettes that makes for a quintessential Sartojiva look.

50 hours of intensive workmanship goes into every suit made at SARTOJIVA. If a pilgrimage to the Savile Row is not fitting in your schedule, you can come to us for getting handcrafted garments. Every session from selecting the style to taking measurements will infuse a unique sense of stature and confidence in you. Let this be a reminder that no client - whether an aristocrat or a movie star - is exempt from this time-tested process of Bespoke Tailoring.

Our Bespoke Tailors could be dubbed purists who never compromise with the traditional methods of Men Bespoke Tailoring. The painstaking precision and attention to detail is rarely pushed aside. Innovation, however, never takes a backseat as we keep introducing new masterpieces tailored for our esteemed clients.

Characterized by nipped waistline, clean silhouettes and flair at the back; our suits sometimes take as much as 30 different measurements to come to their own. Drafting, cutting, construction, trials and re-fittings are part of the entire process to get an ultimate SARTOJIVA look.

  • Style Consultation & Fabric Selection

    Style Consultation & Fabric Selection

    We meet our clients to understand their requirements and purpose of the garment. This helps us define the style of the proposed garment and accordingly fabric selections are done. We believe that fabric selection is the single most important step in the process.

  • Measurements


    Measuring the body perfectly is very crucial to the tailoring process. Minimum disparities such as difference in slope of the shoulders are taken into consideration. Depending on the body type,we may take upto 30 different measurements.

  • Pattern Drafting, Cutting & Construction

    Pattern Drafting, Cutting & Construction

    Creating a pattern is an art. The readings and notations are transferred to papers in the form of a 3-dimensional master pattern. The cloth is cut from these patterns and our skilled craftsmen tailor these to create a trial garment.

  • Trials & Re-Fittings

    We meet the client again for the baist trials. Here, we look after the basic structure of the garment and if it has been cut in-line with the body structure. Re-fittings are done and sent for second trial. At this stage, the garment is taking it’s final shape.

  • Final Finishes & Delivery

    The garment is given a finished look. Buttonholes are made by hand, pick-stitches are done to amplify the handwork. Final touches are done and the garment is handed to the happy client.