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Bespoke Shoes

Sartojiva are passionate about craftsmanship, design and style. Our bespoke shoes are reminiscent of these qualities. Designed, modeled and hand-assembled in our workshops, the shoes are customizable from the last to the choice of leathers, soles and patinas. A rich variety of exotic skins, immense possibilities of customization and unprecedented range of shoe styles are available to choose from. The shoes combine unmatched comfort and unique flair as a result of supreme quality raw materials used. The 3D shoe designing application allows clients to visualize the look of a shoe before ordering. The result is beautifully made footwear that suits young and old, conservative and contemporary. Men wearing great shoes is important to us. Indeed, ‘the future of hand-made is on your toes !

True art of shoemaking is incomplete without deft touches of master craftsmen. SARTOJIVA believes in giving their customers absolute ownership of the offered product. Everything from the sole, patina to the leather is chosen and customized according to the preferences of our customers. Buy Men Bespoke Shoes Online from us to experience the comfort of painstaking detailing.

Our shoemakers have worked with generations of men with the finest taste to bring top of the line bespoke shoes. SARTOJIVA is known for careful detailing which embellishes every pair of shoe and makes it an unmistakable model. Seams, laces, cuts, straps or buckles give a distinct identity to each pair. The unparalleled flair and comfort of these shoes have made our store the top destination to Shop Bespoke Shoes For Men.

SARTOJIVA, as a brand, was established to celebrate the art of shoemaking. Our shoes are a result of a delicate interaction between the naturally sourced materials, skills of the shoemakers and the traditional tools of shoemaking. All three of them come together beautifully to give an amazing pair of shoes. This intricate craftsmanship has made our company the best place for Bespoke Shoes Online Shopping.

  • Style Consultation & Last Selection

    Style Consultation & Last Selection

    We engage with the clients to understand their taste and requirements. Different options of leathers, fits, soles, tattoos, linings, etc are explored to define a unique pair of shoes.

  • Measurements


    Upto 8 measurements are taken to study the shape and volume of the client’s feet. We also make them try several different shoes to understand the exact fit and the pressure bearing points in the feet.

  • Last & Pattern Development

    Last & Pattern Development

    Depending on whether the client has opted for MTO or full bespoke shoes, we use the measurements to develop an individual last or handpick an existing last to match their feet. Design patterns are drafted as per the specifications.

  • Clicking, Closing & Lasting

    Clicking, Closing & Lasting

    The leathers are cut in the clicking room with the help of patterns. The pieces of leathers are brought together in the closing section to form a 3-dimensional structure called ‘Upper’, which is hand-lasted on the exclusive last. This gives the shoes the required form.

  • Sole Construction

    Soles are made as specified and welting is done before attaching them to the upper.

  • Patina


    This is the stage where we create magic. Life is infused to the leathers when they are painted by hand. The process could take up to a week in order to achieve the desired outcome. Tattoos make the process further complex. Final touches are added in the form of creaming, waxing and glacage.

  • Delivery

    Quality check is done and the shoes are finally delivered.