Our Story

SARTOJIVA combines the notable style merits that characterize Savile Row with avant-garde aesthetics of the current fashion statements. It reflects the essence of elegance cherished since childhood and nurtured by its Founders and Mentors Mr. Shrey Gupta and Mr. Rohan Gupta. Since its inception in 2014, SARTOJIVA has been offering immaculate collection of true bespoke tailoring that reflects your individuality. The brand has evolved to create a niche for itself in the premium realm of luxury couture for men and also forayed into the art of shoe making and other related accessories.

As the name connotes, SARTOJIVA defines style with grace that exudes the essence of masculine gentility. Inspired from Anglo Saxon’s SARTO that implies art of dressing well and Sanskrit’s JIVA meaning immortal essence that reflects a well dressed human being, the brand endorses style that strikes a fine balance between the classic and the modern, the discreet and the bold that appeals to the imperial state of mind.

SARTOJIVA Creative Directors

Trained as per the Savile Row standards, the brand aims to encompass the fusion of the relaxed elegance of youth and opulence with a distinct sense of modern aesthetics. Its work reflects an amalgamation of luxury, style, quality and finesse. The brand, SARTOJIVA, believes in giving their customers absolute ownership of the products they plan to possess as a heritage. It is not just the perfect fitting of clothes or shoes which is the brand’s hallmark, it is that indefinable element of style that it delivers. Their long list of prestigious clientele, admires the brand for its exclusivity. The products are crafted in a time honored process in their workshops. They create products with distinctive fashion sense by upholding quality and heritage.

SARTOJIVA is a subsidiary of Baist Masters LLP. The two young entrepreneurs, Shrey Gupta and Rohan Gupta aspire to foray beyond Delhi NCR and explore other centers of growth across the nation with a penchant of style.

Our Founders

Mr. Shrey Gupta
“Clothing is a projection of one’s personality and aura to the world and it should be taken diligently. Fine craftsmanship and value for money are my USPs and we aim to enhance the sheer experience of dressing up!”

Mr. Shrey Gupta

Mr. Rohan Gupta
"Confidence, belief and courage defines a man. Creativity takes courage. Better be over-dressed than under-dressed."

Mr. Rohan Gupta